Saturday, September 26, 2009

Artist Spotlight - The New Royales

You may not know the group by name, but you definitely know the music. The New Royales is a collective fronted by music producer DJ Khalil. Khalil has produced some of my favorite beats 0f 2009 including "The One" by Slaughterhouse and "Kinda Like a Big Deal" by The Clipse and Kanye West. The group also consists of instrumentalist Chin Injeti, writer Erik Alcock, and singer Liz Rodrigues. They do a great job of fusing different types of music and sounds to create a sound all their own. "Kinda Like a Big Deal" has so much going on it takes a few listens just to catch all the different drops and nuances. This collective is part of a larger feeling out there that genres of music are nothing but labels. Sometimes you cannot classify a sound, a beat, or a vocal. Sometimes music is just music. I'm listening to the song they did with Bishop Lamont entitled "City Lights" and it's bananas!! He's rapping as hard and as gully as you can go. The beat is very hip hop as well. But, when the hook comes on it goes straight rock and could easily be something you would hear on a Daughtry or a Hinder album. "Hit N' Run" is another song they have where you can't really label. Is it rock? Is it pop? I don't know but it's addicting either way. Liz Rodrigues has one of the most chameleon-like voices I've heard in a while. It's reminiscent of some Electronica or Techno music on "Everywhere", but on "The One" it's soooooo rock n' roll! The music that they are putting out now furthers my argument that there is so much good music out there. They have yet to drop an album, but I know it can't be too far away. Dr. Dre has already given them a co-sign so things have to be on the horizon for the group. Check them on MySpace to witness the music first hand!!

My Personal New Royales Soundtrack:

The One - Slaughterhouse (produced by DJ Khalil - video below)
City Lights featuring Bishop Lamont
Kinda Like a Big Deal (produced by DJ Khalil - video below)
Everywhere featuring Self-Scientific
New World Order (video below)

Clipse feat Kanye West - Kinda Like A Big Deal from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

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