Thursday, December 24, 2009

Joe Budden TV.............Is Baaaaaack!

I'm not commenting either way on this video. I don't want to say what anyone should or should not do with their significant other. All I gotta say is "Only On Wednesday" LMAO!!!!!

The Dead Weather - I Cut Like a Buffalo

Jack White is at it again!! Thank the Lord for AMTV. He's formed a super group of sorts called The Dead Weather and they are not playing around. This is MY ISH right now! Listen and enjoy.

Kidz in the Hall - We Gone

New Naledge and Double-O!!! I still play The In Crowd like it came out last week or something. The album comes out in March and I'm all over it.

Kidz In The Hall – We Gone from Motion Family on Vimeo.

The Book of Eli - Trailer

I know where I'll be the weekend of January 15th. This looks pretty damn good from the trailer.

HOT ONES - Redman - How High

Up until about '96 Redman was my favorite rapper. He can still spit, but his old stuff is some of the best that rap has to offer. I can't forget The Blues Brothers themed video for this joint either. That was classic. Merry Early Christmas courtesy of Reggie Noble.

Redman - "How High" - Sixth Verse

"Look up in the, I got the verbs, nouns and glocks in ya,
Enter the center, lyrics bang like rico-chet,
Rabbit, I brings havoc with an A-K matic
Rollin blunts an all day habit.
I get it on like Smif'n'Wes
Punks take a sip and test,
Who split your vest?
The funk phenomenon
I'm bombin you like Lebanon,
Blow canals of Panama
Just off stamina.
Styles not to be fucked with, or played with
Fuck the pretty hoes, I love those Section 8 Bit-ches,
Hittin switches, Twistin wigs with
Fat radical mathematical type scriptures.
I dig up in your planets like Diga,
Boo, scared you, blew you to smithe-reens.
Fuck the marines, I got machines
To light the spliff, and read Mad Magazine.
I fly more heads than Continental,
Wreck ya 5 times like US AIR off an instrumental.
Look I'm not a half way crook with bad looks
But I may murder your case like your name was Cal Brooks.
I breaks em off proper,
Ask Biggie Smalls 'Who Shot Ya'
Funk doctor, with the 12 Gauge Mossberg.
Look, I got the tools like Rickle
To make your mind tickle
For the nine-nickel
Punk ass, pussy ass
Word up Tical, We Out!"

Distant Relatives (Nas and Damian Marley) Artwork

I love collaborations and this one should have me wanting to go to Africa and visit probably around April or so. Nice cover. Nice!

Fly Union and Big Sean - Poed Up

Fly Union has never really dazzled me on the lyrical tip, but I like the music they make. This song is hot not only because of the beat, but also because of Big Sean. I'm starting a petition to get this song in heavy rotation at your local club/lounge. Who's with me??

Fly.Union ft. Big Sean "Poed Up" from Palestra Creative on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Diamond Supply Co.

Curren$y at the Diamond Supply NY Pop Up Shop from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Diamond's pop-up shop is lacing New York with some heat!

Still Going Strong And Only Getting Better

10Deep has been doing it for awhile and they continue to offer quality product!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Til The Casket Drops! This Tuesday! Dec. 8th

I've been listening to the Re-Up Gang's "We Got It 4 Cheap" mixtape series this weekend, getting ready for the new Clipse CD! Get ready for what some are calling the hip hop CD of the year!