Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pres. Obama visits Republican House of Representatives

I'm not really sure how I would rate President Obama's first year in office. I mean, I recognize that he came into office with a full plate of problems (war, economy) that he did not create. He also came into office with a target on his back because he was the first... um... well you know. Along the campain trail Obama preached change, a new political climate, a new way to run government. In all honesty though, things look very similar to the status quo from my perspective. Campain promises to bring our troops home and to reform health care have been bogged down by the same political tug of war that we've seen for decades. It is still early, and there still is hope, but at some point all the moving, hope-filled speeches have to give way to some defined, measurable progress. Friday, hopefully was the start of the change we've heard about for so long. President Obama stood before the Republican House of Representatives and for over an hour answered questions posed by many of his critics. It was finally a moment where President Obama stood firm, held his ground, and stopped playing Mr. nice guy. Hopefully this day was a sign of things to come. That we will see our President move forward with his agenda even if the right wing objects or name calls. It was really a sight to behold as Obama went one-on-one hundred and forty and for all intents and purposes "won". I for one hope that this was the beginning of a new day and not just one more great speech from a great politician.

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T-Smitty said...

I'd give him a C+. He could easily have an A if he had the balls to get the things done he wants to, but this bi-partisanshipness (my new word) is never going to work. I'm always thinking about how Dubya used to do whatever he wanted no matter how popular it was. Barack could have came in and got all the troops out, changed the way the rich were taxed, and drastically changes how our public school systems work. I really think the economy was going to be terrible no matter who was President. We import too many goods and waste too much money on NASA and other things that are beneficial but not extremely important. I think now that he knows the heat is on, he will start getting a little more Bout It. He needs to start being waaaaay more drastic and stop being so status quo.