Sunday, April 19, 2009


Question. Why is it that I remember damn near all the lyrics to this song? This was a catchy tune back in '94 with a funky beat. I don't know what to call Sagat since he doesn't sing or rap. He just talks. I guess we'll call him The Artist Formerly Known as Sagat, or TAFKAS. He was definetly a one-hit wonder. The sad part about this whole song is that a lot of it is true. This joint dropped in 1994 and I still think to myself......"Why is it that every time I turn the radio, I hear the same 5 songs, 15 times a day for 3 months?" MAN, FUNK DAT!!!! Get a new DJ! I know I hear "Beep Beep Beep","Stanky Legg", "Swag Surfin", "Turn My Swag On", and "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" whenever I hop in my car and the radio is on. Lord help us all. I wanna shout out Sagat for making a funny video and for giving me a reason to rant!

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