Monday, March 29, 2010


Kelis - Acapella (Official Video)
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When Kelis was that "loud screaming chick with the hair", I had a huge crush. All I can say about this look is.......interesting. She's still a beautiful lady, in my opinion.


Suga' said...

I love that she does her own thing. I must say that I always wonder how she broke into the business (or who she knew) since everything is so pop now and she's so different. Many people who don't fit the entry level mode don't get so much exposure.... I hope she and baby are doing well!

T-Smitty said...

This is different....really different! Her first album had some cuts on there and I remember the video for "Get Along With You" was crazy too. But, I think having sex with your producer can't hurt when trying to put out new music. Or at least that's what they say!