Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rihanna - "RUDE BOY"

This is one the nastiest, overtly sexual, freakiest songs I've heard come out of an R&B singer's mouth...........I like it. No really, this is a good song, just a little much. The video shows a lighter side of Rih-Rih. No guns, no all-black outfits, tape over the tah-tah's, or middle fingers here. Actually this looks like it could have been a Patra video from back in '94! Big ups to the Rude Gal, Rihanna, lol.

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Suga' said...

gon' gyal, show dat island fya! :) i just made that up, i don't know if it's spelled the way i said it. :) the flapper bloomers are not flattering at all, but rih-rih wine-em good, uh?! work it rihanna! i like it.