Saturday, May 23, 2009

Charles Hamilton vs. Mary J. Blige's Stepdaughters Fist

Okay so all of the good jokes have been taken. "That's what he gets messing with them 'Brooklyn Girls'", "Sonic just lost ALL his rings", and "WTF is that Pink Panther on this nigga's arm" just to name a few. For a while I was thinking this was staged because it just seemed so odd how the whole thing came about, but I'll give CH more credit than that. But, this video has been garnering a lot of attention whether he intended it to or not. The girl CH is battling is Briana Latrise, his assistant AND MJB's stepdaughter. From the video it appears they got an abortion and he decided to put that back up in her face. She didn't like that too much. A lot of the comments on the blogosphere are giving Charles props for not retaliating and hitting her back which I applaud. I'm sure this incident will be referenced on one of Charles' upcoming mixtapes or debut album.

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