Monday, May 11, 2009

OLD SKOOL VIDEO SPOTLITE - Another Bad Creation - "Jealous Girl"

"I just wanna let you know that it's hurting me so, girl I just had to let you go."

Let's keep it real. Another Bad Creation (ABC) made wearing overalls, Starter jackets, and your hat to the side the thing to do. I remember thinking they were the coolest kids when I first saw the video for "Iesha." And when I was about 10-11 years old me and DMack ran into them at a hotel in Atlanta. We ran around acting like idiots with Red, RoRo, and Mark. The good ol' days. In the 90's they had some success with the album Coolin' at the Playground, Ya Know which charted 5 singles, including "Jealous Girl." This song was originally done by New Edition and was also covered by Mase and Puff Daddy. The version that ABC did is just so funny now. They definitely had people telling them how to act in front of the camera. But, the shower scenes are kind of disturbing and I'm not really sure how those weren't cut before the final version was completed. One of those kids mama's shoulda said something! With that said the song is still pretty good and it prolly won't be the only ABC video we post on The Chop Up.

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