Saturday, August 22, 2009

Interesting Project.....

Making a brand .... Dope boy fresh from Joeseph Robinson on Vimeo.

How to buy. from Joeseph Robinson on Vimeo.

The guys behind Leaders1354, the sneaker and clothing boutique in Chicago, have a project going on where they are going to try and start a brand off of $80. They plan to flip the money and over and over to create better products. They say it is to show how the fashion and drug game are similar. I think the idea is pretty interesting, and I want to see how it turns out, but I think they have an advantage with already being established. Even though the brand is not called Leaders, people know who it is, so it not like some no name trying to come up. Still it's something to look out for. Check it out on their website,

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T-Smitty said...

Rap Game/Crack Game/Streetwear Game. It's all the same!!