Sunday, June 7, 2009

Joey is Up Close and Personal..........Part 1

I will be the first to say that the whole Joe Budden x Method Man x Redman x Busta thing is kind of pointless. I don't see it leading to anything positive for hip-hop. Jay-Z vs. Nas this is NOT! Does Joey pop off at the mouth too much? Yes. Should he just concentrate on rapping and not worry about where he is ranked on a rap bracket? Yes. Do Meth, Red, and Busta have a right to say what they said on the radio? Of course. But, someone please tell me what comment in this video is false or out of line. Joey takes great pride in his raps and he is a beast on the mic. But, to be honest, he may not even be the best rapper in Slaughterhouse. He is my favorite by far, but he is not clearly better than Royce, Joell, or Crook. They are all monsters on the mic and that's why compliment each other so well. With all that said, let's get less talking and more rapping from all parties involved.

UP CLOSE & PERSONAL - JOE BUDDEN from Executive Nick on Vimeo.

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