Sunday, June 14, 2009

OLD SKOOL VIDEO SPOTLITE - Master P feat. Silkk the Shocker - "Mr. Ice Cream Man"

This is the song that put Master P on the map! It's hard to believe that the dude released FOUR albums before he hit big with the album Ice Cream Man and the single "Mr. Ice Cream Man." I still remember kids coming to high school with this album and acting like it was the best thing since sliced bread. Never known as a master with his words, what P lacked in rhyming ability he made up for in beats and charisma. This video is what you would expect from Master P in 1996. Themes include cars, rims, and drug dealing. Mia X and Mo B. Dick show up to deliver the hook and Silkk actually says "crooked alligator" in his verse. No Limit had a hell of a run from '96-'99 and even if you were never a huge fan of their music you had to give their hustle game an A+. Oh yeah, and I don't think this song is about custard, soft-serve, or anything of the sort.

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