Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Young Con Anthem

I don't have time to rebuff this video for all the inaccuracies and political false statements it has. So, I'll look at it like a regular rap video. This is one of the most insulting videos I've seen in a while. Will Asher Roth and Eminem please whoop the shit out of these two cats for me?!?! Rapping has become so mainstream and diluted that THIS is considered rapping. And of course they are moving their arms around and saying "son" every 30 seconds. WTF??? The Young Cons made an appearance on Fox News and one of the hosts from Fox and Friends said "You guys don't look like rappers." And you know what, homey? They don't sound like rappers either! As a hip-hop fan, this makes me sick. I don't agree with their views, but they have every right to express them. I love hearing the conservative view point because it lets me know how the other side thinks. I have no problem with that. But, please don't pass this off as rap. This is nothing but a lame attempt for conservatives to try and reach the young folks because Barack has that demographic on LOCK! A recent Gallup Poll said the faces that Americans identified as the head of the Rubuplican party were Rush Limbaugh, John McCain, Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheney, and Michale Steele. They....are.....all.....really.....old. So maybe the Young Cons will reach some younger voters with this video. Good luck with that..........."son."