Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Clipse!

I saw this over at, I can't wait for this Clipse album. I was listening to "Warning" ft. Rock City yesterday thinking, they need to go ahead and give us the album early. One of my favorite groups since they dropped "The Funeral", I remember seeing the video the summer before moving down to VA. I was amazed at the visuals, the beat, the lyrics, it was perfect. I found out they were from Virginia Beach, where I was moving to, and every chance I had, I was asking people what's up with their album. The album, Exclusive Audio Footage, never came out but everything happens for a reason because when "Grindin" hit, it HIT! They got some of the respect they deserve, although I personally feel they deserve more. Til The Casket Drops needs to drop soon!

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