Saturday, July 25, 2009

Drake Says "Run This Town" Was Originally a Rihanna Record


It was recently brought to my attention that Jay-Z jacked the "Run This Town" record from Rihanna. According to Drizzy:

"I think Jay made a great choice," he (Drake) says. "I think the 'Run This Town' song is phenomenal. I think Kanye kills that s---. I actually heard that song when it was a Rihanna track."

When I first heard the track, the hook was the thing that stayed with me. And Rihanna gets about 30 seconds at the end of the song to showcase her voice. This is similar to what happened to the "Must Be Love" joint that Day26 recorded and then ended up as a single for Cassie and Diddy. I'm hoping Drake will still make the cut for Blueprint 3 and I'm looking forward to September 11th.

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