Monday, July 20, 2009

Pat Buchanan is Must See TV

So everyone else in the world says that Sotomayor is the "most" qualified appointee in the history of the Supreme Court. But, Pat says she is unqualified and an Affirmative Action pick. Strike one. She's never written anything that "he" has read. Strike two and this one was waaaaaaay too easy! And I'm not even going to do a STRIKE THREE on the whole white people built the country comment. That would be like fighting with a three year-old. If it wasn't for slavery this country would be so far behind the rest of the world it's appalling. You get hundreds of thousands of people to give you free work for over 400 years. That's how you get ahead. I love watching stuff like this because it really lets me know how some people think. We all knew Pat Buchanan had issues with race. And I'm not one to call someone a racist becuase they are against Affirmative Action or because they are proud to be a white male or whatever. We all have, and SHOULD have, different views on the world. But, this guy is really making it hard to not deserve the R-Word. At least he gave black people props on running track! That's a compliment, right? I'd write more on this, but I'm getting heated just listening to this. I'M OUT!

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