Sunday, February 22, 2009

Artist Spotlight - Charles Hamilton

Charles Hamilton may have a common name, but he is anything but a 'common' rapper. He has an unusual fascination with Sonic the Hedgehog and routinely has Sonic-influenced album covers and verses. But, don't let his admiration for the Sega character throw you off....he can spit! The Cleveland-born, Harlem-raised artist takes his craft very seriously. His first single, "Brooklyn Girls" details why the opposite sex of that specific borough is better than the others. That single was off his first mixtape Outside Looking which came out in June of '08. Since then, Mr. Hamilton has dropped over 15 more mixtapes. That is not a typo. Over 15 mixtapes in less than 8 months. That my friends, is The Hamiltonization Process. From the mixtapes that I've downloaded the music has stayed pretty consistent too. My favorite album from The Hamiltonization Process is The L Word. On that album, DJ Skee chops up some classic R&B songs, some rock tunes and some pop cuts that Charles praises the female gender over. Also, B posted a back and forth battle with Charles and Serius Jones a few weeks back so you should check that out to hear him spit off the dome.

My Personal Charles Hamilton Soundtrack (All Mixtapes):

The L Word
Well Isn't This Awkward
Outside Looking
Sonic the Hamilton
Death of the Mixtape Rapper

Charles Hamilton - Brooklyn Girl from Kidd Izzo on Vimeo

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