Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Artist Spotlight - Pacific Division

U-N-I isn't the only "Left Coast" group being slept on these days. We could really have a Blog section called "Slept On West Coast Artist of the Week" at the rate this is going. Funny thing is I've been a Pac Div fan before I even heard of U-N-I. They've been doing their thing for a while. Group members Mibbs, Like, and BeYoung definitely have something special they are bringing to the game. No bling talk, gun talk, or dope talk on these records. Instead, they deliver rhymes that the average Joe can relate to. "All I Want" is an ode to the American Dream, but from the perspective of trying to get it the 'right' way. One of their most popular songs, "Taste", is also my favorite from the group. The song lets everybody know that if you aren't hip to Pac're missing out! The group tends to use comedy in a lot of their verses. On the hilarious "Ack Like U Chillin" they give you advice on how to get out of situations that may get a little sticky. Stealing money from your job? Get caught cheating? No worries. Just ACK LIKE U CHILLIN'! After listening to a few songs from Pacific Division you'll see why they have been co-signed by Pharrell, Questlove, and Snoop.

My Personal Pacific Division Soundtrack:

All I Want
Women Problems (Video Below)
Ack Like U Chillin'

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