Monday, February 16, 2009

OLD SKOOL VIDEO SPOTLITE - A Tribe Called Quest - "Electric Relaxation"

The simplicity of this video is amazing. Black and white. 3 guys catch a cab to go to a diner. That's it. That's it, and by the way they craft one of the smoothest, coolest rap songs ever on that ride! This is an ode to a beautiful woman and the ways you would please her. Phife Dawg comes up big on this one and delivers one of his most memorable lines with "I like 'em Brown, Yellow, Puerto Rican, or Haitian...." You also get a pretty good tour of New York City as well. "Electric Relaxation" was a jazz inspired song that sampled Ronnie Foster's "Mystic Brew." It appeared on the Midnight Marauders album, my favorite by ATCQ, and was joined by other such smashes such as "Hot Sex", "Award Tour", and "Oh My God" featuring Busta Rhymes. Many props to one of the best groups that Hip-Hop has ever seen!

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