Sunday, March 15, 2009


"Wale reppin' the tight jeans babaay"

Not only is this just funny to watch, but Wale is SO SINCERE in what he says!! Quick Rundown:

1. Joey is the god of hip hop on the Internet = True

2. Slaughterhouse will get more comments than a new Nas/Jay song = Eh....I say False

3. Wale's "Head and Shoulders" was wack = FALSE, that song is bananas

4. Wale likes Kid Cudi's music = I don't really think he does..............

5. Tahiri isn't just a pretty face on a nice body = True, she makes good points

6. Joey doesn't think other rappers are any good = TRUE, sans Drake, Wale, and Slaughterhouse

7. Hov rapping fast is wack = Sad, but kinda true, sans "I Can't Get With That". That was fiyah!!

8. Wale is going to be on a future installment of Joe Budden TV = True, he is hilarious

9. Wale wears tight jeans = TRUE and TRUER!

10. This song is going to be hard = TRUE, I am looking forward to it

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