Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Artist Spotlight - Tanya Morgan

Tanya Morgan is not a new group by any means, but they are most definitely an under appreciated one. Two of their members (Ilyas and DonWill) are from the 'Nati while Von Pea hails from Brooklyn. The group is a regular at hip hop festivals and have been featured in both XXL and The Source magazines. Their new album, The Bridge EP, is in stores as I write this. Give a listen and do yourselves a favor.

My Tanya Morgan Soundtrack:
You Already Know feat. Naledge - Tanya Morgan is a Rap Group (Mixtape)
Cuddle Bums (88-Keys and Tanya Morgan) - Adam's Case Files: The Mix Tape
Hip Hop Is Dead II - The Bridge EP
Got 2 Get Done - The Bridge EP

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