Thursday, January 8, 2009

OLD SKOOL VIDEO SPOTLITE - Special Generation - "Love Me Just For Me"

Nothing like an obscure early 90's R&B cut to get you over Hump Day!!! Special Generation was here........and then Special Generation was gone. They blessed us with two moderate hits in "Spark of Love" and "Love Me Just For Me" before they decided to fall the fuck off the earth. But, "Love Me Just For Me" was my jam back in the day and I can still do my two-step to this joint! Gumby fades and suits that HAD to be purchased at Merry-Go-Round make this a prime example of what an early 90's R&B video should be!! But who's idea was it to make the two little white kids the main characters of this shit? Was that an attempt to get these Negroes on MTV?? Idk. Billy and Becky just stick out like a sore thumb. Poor kids. Long live the Gumby!!!!

Special Generation - "Love Me Just For Me"

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DMack said...

Please don't ever use "idk" again!