Friday, January 30, 2009


I just wanted to be the first to say that the Winter months in the Midwest can suck a fat one! This is how the trees looked on my way to work Tuesday. Notice the sheet o' ice that we had to drive on. FUCK! Will the Spring hurry up and get here ASAP. T.I. style ASAP too. That means really damn fast. That's all. I'm done.


Rocky said...

Yeah nigga I feel it.. but ya need to come to my part of town and see what hell looks like frozen over... the piles of snow are past my fucking knees.. and the snow banks.. 4getaboutit.. In the end it's just no place for nobody, but ethnic people especially....100

T-Smitty said...

Ayo, that's crazy. When the snow hits your knees I think it's okay to throw your arms up and just say "I Give Up!" We the Tropical People! Let the Europeans deal with this Madness!!