Friday, January 16, 2009

OLD SKOOL VIDEO SPOTLITE - Jasmine Guy - "Just Want to Hold You"

OH BOY I USED TO LOVE ME SOME WHITLEY!!! This song actually did pretty well and charted on the Billboard Singles chart back in '91. I guess she was able to take some time off from annoying everyone at Hillman and seducing Eddie Murphy in Boomerang to record an album. I don't think anyone actually bought it, but she gets an A for effort! The video is pretty low-budget, but it's 10x better than that shit Tisha Campbell called a video for her, um, hit song Push. In 1991, Jasmine also realesd Try Me and Another Like My Lover from her self-titled album. I'm glad she stuck with acting because Whitley Gilbert>>>>>>>>Jasmine Guy.

Jasmine Guy - "Just Want to Hold You"

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