Thursday, January 22, 2009

My President is STILL Black and I Don't Think Bill Likes It One Bit!!!!

Okay now I'm mad! We posted the original video earlier this week and I guess Bill got his hands on it too. How is this concert bringing the country apart? How is this rap damaging to the black community? Because they used the N-word? The F-word? Clearly Mr. O'Reilly and Mr. Miller do not view this the same way that reasonable people will. The majority of the country is ecstatic the Bush is gone! We had to endure and suffer through 8 years of bad policy and bad decisions. And we had to just watch the way that he carried himself throughout his tenure in office. I know I never said to myself "Yes, that is what a President should be. He is the best man for the job!" So excuse us if we want to cuss and yell for the simple fact that he is out and the man replacing him looks like us. And it doesn't matter if Barack "approves" of what Jay and Jeezy said. I'm sure Jay's momma doesn't "approve" of him saying a lot of things. But, he is a grown man and has the right to use those words if he wishes. Neither Jay nor Jeezy talked about killing or doing any type of harm to Mr. Bush. This is not an act that requires a segment on a Prime time news show. If you need material I'm sure there are plenty of New Orleans "refugees" that would love to holla at ya Bill! But, look on the bright side. At least Bill thinks Jay is a "sane" individual. I'm sure Hov worked his whole life for that kind of back-handed compliment. GTFOH!!!!!

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