Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's the deal???

I am truly happy that I have the opportunity to witness "CHANGE" in the world and receiving the first black President of the United States. I been on three tours to both Iraq and Afghanistan, fighting for change for these people and to come home to see that America has made a decision that goes against everything that they have done in the past, shows that we all have finally admitted that we need to improve our ways of life and  we are actually doing something about it.....It's a beautiful thing man..... At the same time, I am fuc#ing irritated at the way people are now acting because he is black. I mean yes he's black and I'm black but hey white people.., "NO I do not know him"and " NO I do not want him to make chicken the national bird and give discounts on family buckets at KFC." Ya'll some bigot ass mutha fuc#ers and that shyt aint funny.... And Niggas,... "NO I do not think he's will make that much of a difference in four years." That's just fuc#ing ignorant!!! Give the Nigga a break and let him do him, ya'll setting him up for failure.... High ass expectations and shyt...... This man was handed a piece of shyt and ya'll want him to make diamonds out of it, NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!!

Now on to the Black women of the world, I got a secret..... Michelle Obama is not the President... Got it? I mean for real, I had sooo many women tell me that they had to rush home to see the inauguration to see Michelle, " She's a strong woman and She Bad." Why is she so strong? What has she done that was sooo special? She stuck by her man? That's what the fuc# women are supposed to do, it aint no superwoman type shyt. Fall back on it, step your game up and get ya'll shit right. I am not tryna take nuthin away from Mrs. Obama, dont get me wrong, but women, we have fought so hard to get to this point in our lives and we finally have a Black Man as President. Stand by him.... Do not envy Michelle Obama for where she is or whatever it is you think she did that was so special. Instead look for the qualities in her that would make you envy her and apply them to your life. 


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T-Smitty said...

Tell these chicks to STEP THEY GAME UP!!!!